Let's give this another go shall we..

I'm really going to make time to do this now. I've moved away from my beloved craft group, and this is going to be a great way to connect with them through the 2,000 mile drive. :) My latest project is for a wedding I'm attending this weekend. With a some sort of miricle I should be able to finish it in time. I've made some great progress so far. I took the idea of the bits and peices quilt from Last minute patchwork and quilted gifts and expanded on it. Here are some action shots for those fabric porn lovers.
I'm trying a foot that came with my machine that I've never used before. It's a 1/4'' quilting foot. This is the action shot:

See the little metal bummper on the right side...I think of it like putting the bumpers down at the bowling alley. Kinda cheating.... but this quilt is heavy on the piecing, and it is a gift so I want it to be perfect. I've been reading quite a bit on other blogs and I guess it's ok to cheat alittle every once in a while.


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