ABC quilt blocks inspired by Q is for Quilter

I frequent many blog sites for inspiration and ideas. I stumbled on to an awesome blog called, Q is for Quilter. This woman does all sorts of great things from bags to embroidery. She made a vintage coloring book available on her site and is using it as a template for embroidery blocks. The project was so beautiful that it inspired me to learn how to embroider and make my own alphabet quilt. I'm only as far as the "D" block so I might be at this for awhile but it will be such a fun project...and perfect travel project for my craft group every Tuesday.


Bedroom Makeover two

I thought I would do brown and pink for the new room and here are my new throw pillows for the bed.

I got the tutorial and design idea from another blog: Film in the Fridge

I just need to get more polyfill to fill them up:)

Bedroom Makeover one

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I recently decided that the colors and fabrics in my bedroom were a little young and it was time for a change. I was inspired by the log cabin quilt design in Last-minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts by Joelle Hoverson. I had never made a quilt with this much piecing or this large (full size bed) before. It was a huge adventure I thought I would share. I'm really happy how it turned out. The room just feels a little colorless now that it is cream and brown. On my list to finish the room is:

Throw pillows
Embroidered pillow case covers
Bed skirt to match
Hang my other pink curtains
Make a wall hanging quilt from Patchwork and Quilted gifts as well

Phew I have a lot of sewing left :)


Custom Fabric Printing

While discussing our dream projects during our weekly craft group meeting on Tuesday our master and commander mentioned that she was looking into having some of her own designs printed for a project. I didn't even know this was possible and was wild with joy over the idea of quilting with my own custom designed fabrics. When researching this today I found something even better......


If you browse this site you'll find that there are tons of amateur designers who post designs for you to print!!! I'm having a blast just thumbing through them.



Something old to something new :)

I'm always so excited about reading everyone's blogs each morning that I decided to join the fun. I thought I would share some old projects in my new blog :).

This is a lap quilt I made for my grandma's Birthday this march....It's a special quilt for me because it was my first pattern free quilt. I know it is just a basic nine patch with some solid blocks but I was so proud of it :P. Also pictured is Franky's back. He is my number one assistant. Not to be left out is my number two assistant Lucy who helped out as I was "quilting" this one. Instead of stitching in the ditch I tried something different, and did ties with little clear beads in the centers of the flower in the lighter blocks. It came out great giving it a little texture and sparkle. As my assistants can attest it was hard work.

I hope you come back for more :)