Something old to something new :)

I'm always so excited about reading everyone's blogs each morning that I decided to join the fun. I thought I would share some old projects in my new blog :).

This is a lap quilt I made for my grandma's Birthday this march....It's a special quilt for me because it was my first pattern free quilt. I know it is just a basic nine patch with some solid blocks but I was so proud of it :P. Also pictured is Franky's back. He is my number one assistant. Not to be left out is my number two assistant Lucy who helped out as I was "quilting" this one. Instead of stitching in the ditch I tried something different, and did ties with little clear beads in the centers of the flower in the lighter blocks. It came out great giving it a little texture and sparkle. As my assistants can attest it was hard work.

I hope you come back for more :)

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