6 tissue holders, 5 cathedral blocks, 3 letters appliqued, 2 gathered clutches, and one snow storm in Nashville

It's that time of year again folks...
I think everyone is crafting like mad. There are sooo many cool tutorials out there and gifts to give.

The tissue holders came from this tutorial posted on the Sew mama sew website. Generated by the talented person behind JCasa*handmade.

My cathedral quilt is coming slowly but surely. I have five blocks down, and I've moved to machine sewing in the squares....I just can't hand sew them anymore.

I'm making a quilt for my BF and he is a huge Alabama Football fan...Roll Tide! So the quilt has a giant RTR in the middle of it in the 'bama Crimson (not red mind you, I've been corrected). This quilt has a way to go but the good news is we aren't exchanging until after the holidays :)

I made two super cute gathered clutches from this tutorial posted by the awesome woman behind the Noodlehead blog.

To top it off Nashville actually got a little snow...go figure I leave NY and the snow follows me.

Colby on the other hand was not impressed...snow makes his paws cold.


Crayon Roll Up

Well that cathedral quilt is slowly but surely moving along....
I whipped up a quickie gift for a little girl about to turn three. I'm a fan of the classic kid toys..coloring books, blocks, puzzles, stuffed animals...etc.

I made a little crayon keeper for her to store her crayons in...of course this comes with some new crayons and a coloring book too. Turns out I'm the only adult left in the world who thinks coloring is cool. There are so many expensive and wild toys out there. I had to look and look for crayons and coloring books. For 4 dollars at target I got a set of .79 cent crayons and a coloring book. I'm pretty sure my scrap eater project and cheep simple toy will be a hit...


Speaking of Heather Ross

So it's well established I just adore all things ross...
I've also never made a cathedral quilt before...
So I went through the new Far Far Away II collection I have and picked out the super cute cat and owl in the boat print. I figured out how to fussy cut the story picture and set about cutting out some muslin squares....Here's what the squares look like all folded up:

Then I sewed the squres together and now I'm sewing in the little stories... I'm super happy with it so far!

I've got a long way to go...


Binder Cover

A few months ago my brother happily announced that he is engaged to an awesome woman. We all LOVE her. What we love the most is how happy he is around her.

Of course as a HUGE Heather Ross fan I immediately ordered an arm of her brides print for the Minki Minki PJ's off from Etsy. I did some fussy cutting .....

and ta DA! I made a binder cover for my soon to be sister in-law :) She can organize her wedding in style :) I can't wait for their Aug wedding!


Let's give this another go shall we..

I'm really going to make time to do this now. I've moved away from my beloved craft group, and this is going to be a great way to connect with them through the 2,000 mile drive. :) My latest project is for a wedding I'm attending this weekend. With a some sort of miricle I should be able to finish it in time. I've made some great progress so far. I took the idea of the bits and peices quilt from Last minute patchwork and quilted gifts and expanded on it. Here are some action shots for those fabric porn lovers.
I'm trying a foot that came with my machine that I've never used before. It's a 1/4'' quilting foot. This is the action shot:

See the little metal bummper on the right side...I think of it like putting the bumpers down at the bowling alley. Kinda cheating.... but this quilt is heavy on the piecing, and it is a gift so I want it to be perfect. I've been reading quite a bit on other blogs and I guess it's ok to cheat alittle every once in a while.