6 tissue holders, 5 cathedral blocks, 3 letters appliqued, 2 gathered clutches, and one snow storm in Nashville

It's that time of year again folks...
I think everyone is crafting like mad. There are sooo many cool tutorials out there and gifts to give.

The tissue holders came from this tutorial posted on the Sew mama sew website. Generated by the talented person behind JCasa*handmade.

My cathedral quilt is coming slowly but surely. I have five blocks down, and I've moved to machine sewing in the squares....I just can't hand sew them anymore.

I'm making a quilt for my BF and he is a huge Alabama Football fan...Roll Tide! So the quilt has a giant RTR in the middle of it in the 'bama Crimson (not red mind you, I've been corrected). This quilt has a way to go but the good news is we aren't exchanging until after the holidays :)

I made two super cute gathered clutches from this tutorial posted by the awesome woman behind the Noodlehead blog.

To top it off Nashville actually got a little snow...go figure I leave NY and the snow follows me.

Colby on the other hand was not impressed...snow makes his paws cold.

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