How do you baste? I've tried unsuccessfully for years on carpets in various apartments.. after hours of quilting only to discover I've got an annoying little crease in the back. All the tutorials out there say that hard floors or large tables are the best. Neither of these is an option for me so I've been stumped for awhile. How do I get a large hard surface to baste on without using the floor or table top?

I decided the wall in my bedroom seemed pretty perfect, and gave it ago. I taped the backing to my latest quilt up and went to town. It worked great! better than great...my best basting yet! I'm half quilted and no folds yet!I'm doing a wave pattern in the black areas. The idea being "Roll Tide Roll". I figured a rolling tide would be appropriate if not obvious.

So I offer up this solution to other apartment dwellers with little space control.....Just be prepared for a few sore mucles the next day from holding your hands above your head!

Now back to work!


  1. Wow, I've never heard of anyone basting on a wall before! If ever your arms decide an alternative is required, you could try asking at your LQS to use their classroom, or a local church hall would probably allow you to set up a couple of tables for an hour or two.

  2. Oh, wow! I love your quilt. Our daughter goes to Alabama so I will have to tell her to come take a look at it. The design is just fantastic because it is very modern looking and gets the message across without being too overt.